Team HW Home

Team Member Beverly
Home Town Boulder, CO

Manager | Boulder

Bev's passions are centered around her community. For 15+ years she has championed fundraising efforts for The Denver Children's Hospital with her ladies cycling team, The HW Home Girls. When it comes to design, "I have so much fun working with the endless array of textiles, dimensions, textures and colors that come together as an eclectic mix of beauty." She also finds that living with such beautiful outdoor surroundings as we have here in Colorado makes interior design even that much more enticing and exciting.

Team Member Raymond
Home Town Detroit, MI

Manager | Boulder

Hailing from Detroit, Raymond came to Boulder via Chicago to specifically work with the HW Home team. He has an intensive background in floral design, antiques and collectibles, and is a seasoned world traveler. "One should live with what they love. Keep it eclectic and don't be afraid of color or mixing styles. Be fearless!" Ray sits on the advisory board for the Open Door Fund.

Team Member Michelle
Home Town Dallas, TX

Manager | Cherry Creek

Michelle is a Texas girl with a love for the mountains and all things design. She uses her southern roots to create spaces that exude warmth, drama and hospitality. In her spare time, she loves to paint, restore antiques and play music with her husband.

Team Member Jeff
Home Town Dallas, TX

Procurement & Service Adminstrator

Jeff has over 12 years experience in the retail interior design industry. He graduated from Moore Norman College with a degree in Fashion Merchandising. Jeff believes “your home should reflect your personality and inspire you”. As a designer and in life, he likes breaking the rules, to achieve the unexpected. Jeff and Spencer (the best schnauzer in the world) moved to Colorado to enjoy our outdoor lifestyle including gardening, hiking, skiing and wine tastings with close friends.

Team Member Paul
Home Town Chicago, IL

Director of Operations

A Midwest native, Paul was brought to Denver by HW Home as Director of Operations. He commands the wheels that turn and make our home stores run so smoothly. For Paul, customer satisfaction is paramount to our success as a full service interior design firm. "Our ability to design is what separates us from the animals." When not juggling warehouse operations, multiple white glove delivery teams, and customer care, Paul is an ongoing member of HRC's Federal Club.

Team Member Zach
Home Town Boulder, CO

Zach was the official HW Home spokes-FURson having been featured in various company advertising campaigns and serving by Jim & Ron’s side for 12 loyal years. He joined the Hering-Werner family in Boulder just before the opening of the Pearl Street East expansion home store in May 2000. Zach’s heritage is a great combination of Lab unconditional love and Ridgeback athleticism. He enjoyed playing tennis with Jim which consisted mostly of retrieval and then lounging on his Dr. Pitt Sectional. Zach enjoyed life as the king and worshiped his little sister Lucy. Like his sister Zach would say"I restrict myself to an organic diet and HW Home furniture. I particularly enjoy resting my head on those great pillows the guys found in Paris." Zach was known as our best boy until November 2011 when he succumbed to cancer.

Team Member John
Home Town Mobile, AL

Director of Visual Merchandising

John has always had an affinity for the arts, but it was not until he moved to Colorado in 2007 that he discovered his career path in design. "I knew from the moment I walked through the doors at the Cherry Creek Store that HW Home was something I wanted to be a part of. It felt eclectic and sophisticated and was like no other home furnishings store I had seen before." Years later John is now the Director of Visual Merchandising. John believes that a room, just like people, should have a unique personality. By adding in layers of bold color, textures, and a mix of materials you can create a room that is tailored to its owner. John loves the creative process and challenge that comes with designing the showrooms and feels that each vignette is an opportunity to connect with a customer.

Team Member Baron Rob Roy
Home Town Boulder, CO

When it comes to interior design, Baron believes that no room is complete without a ball or something chewy that squeaks. His two favorite food groups are ice cream and cheese which he feels the well appointed kitchen should never do without. "I love to go on long hikes when not brunching at Brasserie 1010 in Boulder."

Team Member Cody
Home Town Grand Junction, CO

Warehouse Foreman

Cody came to Denver from Grand Junction. He is an outdoor enthusiast and loves hunting, fishing, and camping with his 2 dogs.

Team Member Ron
Home Town Chicago, IL

Ron received his BA in Economics with a minor in Jewish Studies from Indiana University. He worked at Drexel Burnham Lambert and later Smith Barney as Vice President. Ron is the vice chair of the Alexander Muss High School in Isreal and serves on the Board of Directors of the Matthew Shepard Foundation. He was the previous Finance Director for Share Our Strength, Chicago.

Team Member Richard
Home Town Los, Angeles CA

Senior Design Consultant

Richard has taught Color Theory at the Art Institute of Colorado. He has a BFA in Art History and a degree in interior design. He has been a creative visual director for Bullocks, The Bon, and Lenox China. Through The New School, Richard conducts two workshops at the HW Home stores ~ Color Dynamics: How To Make Color a Powerful Design Element In Your Home and The Art of Arrangement: How To Visually Transform Your Home Instantly. Richard sits on the board of director's for Colorado's Alexander Foundation.

Team Member Lucy
Home Town Denver, CO

Lucy first came to HW Home by way of the Humane Society of Boulder Valley. The Humane Society’s Pet Care Cruiser was at HW Home’s 2005 Annual Warehouse Sale, as they are every year looking for new homes for our four legged friends. It was love at first site and she joined the Hering-Werner family. "What people don’t realize is that when you’re a RESCUE puppy, it’s the FAMILY you’re saving! Taking care of these guys is a full-time job for my brother Zach and I."

Team Member Derrick
Home Town Denver, CO

White Glove Delivery Team

Derrick is a Denver native. His creative hobbies include photography and video. He is also a published author. His favorite quote: Follow your dreams or end up working for someone that followed theirs.

Team Member Chuck
Home Town Neenah, WI

Design Consultant

Chuck came to HWHome with over fourteen years experience as a Visual Merchandiser at a nationwide furniture and home furnishings retailer. He decided to take those skills out of the store and into the home. Chucks style is architectural, modern, clean and relies on the symmetry of nature to create flow from room to room. "Having grown up in rolling hills and living near oceans, deserts and now the mountains of Colorado, I feel it is important that interiors flow together and out into the view beyond."

Team Member Dana
Home Town Torrington, WY

Design Consultant

Dana’s passion for design developed at a very early age. She grew up in a family that included architects, interior designers, home builders and artists. Dana first used her creative and entrepreneurial gifts in the visual graphics industry before making a career move to Interior Design. Dana brings the HW Home team 30 years of professional experience serving customers with the utmost care, attention to detail, and a collaborative approach to achieve successful projects that are beautiful, comfortable and functional.

Team Member Baylee
Home Town a little town in Utah

This lemon white basset hound is no plain piece of cake. This model dog has been featured in HW Home's lifestyle advertising campaign. And she doesn't get out of bed for less than 10,000 dog bones. "How many times do I have to tell these guys 'no green M&M's in my dressing room!' They clash with my coat. Designers!" Lucky for Baylee her dad Jake is a gourmet chef. Favorite chew toy? Pink Elephant.

Team Member Troy
Home Town Plentywood, MT

Director of Sales

Troy hails from a cattle ranch in Montana, but to know him you'd never guess it. He believes a room, no matter the style, always needs a touch of elegance and a heavy dose of drama. The unexpected creates the visual interest that sets you apart from the rest, but above all, scale and balance are most important. Troy's life has had many incarnations, but each one has always centered around design, creativity and his love for all things unique.

Team Member Jim
Home Town San Diego, CA

Jim has a BA from the University of Notre Dame in Political Science and Business Communications - double major. He did his design course work at UCLA in Los Angeles while working for Dennis & Leen. He left LA to manage Holly Hunt's showroom operations in Chicago and left with Ron to open HW Home. He is on the Board of Directors at the Dairy Center for The Arts for nearly a decade and is an industry member of ASID.

Team Member Kimberly
Home Town Atlanta, GA

Manager | Landmark

Kimberly came to Denver after coming out on vacation and falling in love with the mountains. A city girl turned mountain girl, she enjoys camping, biking, and snowboarding. Kimberly has a BFA in Interior Design from Georgia State University. "I always love including incredible textures and finishes to an interior. The unexpected blending of old and new creates excitement." It's all about her spreading old fashioned Southern Hospitality with a modern flair.

Team Member David
Home Town Delta, CO

White Glove Delivery Team

David relocated to Denver to join the HW family. He originates from Delta, CO. He loves the mountains, skiing, and camping.

Team Member Chris
Home Town Denver, CO

White Glove Delivery Team

Chris, a native to Denver, stays busy as a volunteer firefighter and paramedic. When he gets down time he likes to snowboard, travel, and watch football.

Team Member Manuel
Home Town Tucson, AZ

Design Consultant

Living in Boston at the time, Manuel came to Colorado to visit a friend from Madrid and fell in love with the mountains. He has an Associate in Business Management from the Univesity of Arizona."Whatever you do in your decorating philosophy, be brave. Never wish you hadn't taken your vision to the end. Make a bold statement." Such fearlessness explains why his greatest pastime is tubing down the Boulder Creek with a cold one.

Team Member Zack
Home Town Westminster, CO

Marketing Coordinator & Webmaster

Zack is a graduate of the BFA Communication Design Program at MSU Denver. He has been designing and developing websites for over a decade and is a specialist in both print and web design. When it comes to design, Zack is a strong believer that less is more. During his downtime he likes to ride his bike, play a video game, watch a movie or read a book.

Team Member Linda
Home Town Denver, CO

Senior Design Consultant

A native of Denver, Linda has been active in the Denver design community for many years. Linda started her career in fashion and transitioned into design while working for a Builder in the north Denver area. There she was a design consultant and also decorated model homes. Linda worked in a design showroom prior to finding her home at HW. It always amazes me how every design is different and unique. I love it when a combined flare of who they are with what I know comes together in a beautiful way.

Team Member Jaeger
Home Town Salt Lake City, UT

Design Consultant

Jaeger was born and raised in Salt Lake City, UT. At a young age he discovered his appreciation for design and style and incorporated that into his art and lifestyle. Jaeger’s background is diverse but has always included design. He is also a professional make-up artist and has been featured in an array of publications and traveled all over the world. Jaeger’s love of beauty and style plays well with his interior design skills and allows him to mesh different color schemes and design beautifully.

Team Member Elizabeth
Home Town Underwood, ND

Design Consultant

Elizabeth hails from the Midwest. She feel in love with Colorado after visiting her sister in the spring of 2013 and made the move to Denver the fall of 2013. Beth has always had enjoyed the freedom of fashion & art. After working in the salon industry for years, she is spreading her wings and utilizing her love for design in this new career with HW Home. She believes that a room should reflect ones own beauty and unique personality. In her free time Beth enjoys spending time with family, shopping, and exploring her new surroundings.

Team Member Lauren
Home Town Littleton, CO

Design Consultant

Lauren has always had a passion for design, and she received her BS in Interior Design from Colorado State University. She uses her design background to create spaces that are eclectic, enticing, and exciting, and believes that your home should be a reflection of your unique personality. As a Colorado native, she loves hiking, camping, and is a true football enthusiast.