Hebrew Alef Necklace - Silver
Hebrew Alef Necklace - Silver

Hebrew Alef Necklace - Silver


Alef Silver

Pronunciation: ah-lef
Numerical value: 1
Primary meaning: learning
Secondary meanings: thousand, master
Essence: wisdom and breath
Spatial continuum: air
Time continuum: equinox
Soul continuum: the chest
Sephirot: pathway between Kindness (Chesed) and Power (Gevurah)
Verse from Torah: I am the Lord your God.
Grammatical usage: prefix of ’I will’
Form: two Yuds and a Vav, two hands connecting Sefer Yetzira (Book of Creation)

Someone whose name starts with the letter Alef tends to have a very dominant character. They are anchored,
decisive, spiritual, broad-minded, altruistic, courageous and an initiator of projects.

Alef necklace is available in Silver or Silver Bronze.

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