Hebrew Beit Necklace - Silver
Hebrew Beit Necklace - Silver

Hebrew Beit Necklace - Silver

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Beit Silver

Pronunciation: Beth, Bet, or Bais
Numerical value: 2
Primary meaning: House
Subordinate meanings: Protection, nest, family, nation, blessing
Essence: Understanding
Spatial continuum: Moon
Time continuum: Sunday (first day of week)
Soul continuum: right eye
Sephirot: Pathway between Wisdom (Chochmah) and Kindness (Chesed)
Verse from the Torah: In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.
Grammatical use: ’in’ or ’with’
Form: a letter Dalet and a Vav, meaning two in Aramaic.
Sefer Yetzira (Book of Creation)

The shape of the letter Bet symbolizes one who has a quiet demeanor and is fond of serenity in the home and surrounding environment. Bet represents bracha, blessing, and signifies a warm atmosphere. The letter Bet encourages stability and a oneness with the inner being.

Beit necklace is available in Silver or Silver Bronze.

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