Hebrew Dalet Necklace - Silver
Hebrew Dalet Necklace - Silver

Hebrew Dalet Necklace - Silver


Dalet Silver

Pronunciation: Dah-let
Numerical value: 4
Primary meaning: Door
Secondary meanings: Elevation, poor, heights, bucket
Essence: seed
Space continuum: Sun
Time continuum: Tuesday
Soul continuum: right nostril
Sephirot: connection between Crown (Keter) and Harmony (Tiferet)
Verse from Torah: God saw that it (plants and trees) was good.
Grammatical usage: that (Aramaic)
Form: two Vavs
Sefer Yetzira (Book of Creation)

The letter Dalet symbolizes the ability to surrender. One who’s name begins with Dalet knows how to nullify himself but also to advance and be victorious. With a tendency to argue, they hardly ever concede.

Dalet necklace is available in Silver or Silver Bronze.

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