Hebrew Gimel Necklace - Silver
Hebrew Gimel Necklace - Silver

Hebrew Gimel Necklace - Silver

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Gimel Silver

Pronunciation: gih-mel
Numerical value: 3
Primary meanings: camel, benevolence
Subordinate meanings: bridge, wean
Essence: wealth
Space continuum: Mars
Time continuum: Monday
Soul continuum: Right ear
Sephirot connection: Pathway between Understanding (Binah) and Power (Gevurah)
Verse from Bible: Open my eyes that I may behold the wonders of Your Torah.
Form: Zayin and Yud; takes the form of a person walking.
Sefer Yetzira (Book of Creation)

When the letter Gimel is spelled as a word, gimel-mem-lamed, it has the appearance of a camel, with the mem being the hump of the camel, a symbol of water. This is the essence of the gimel: like a camel in a desert.

Gimel necklace is available in Silver or Silver Bronze.

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