Hebrew Hei Necklace - Silver
Hebrew Hei Necklace - Silver

Hebrew Hei Necklace - Silver

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Hei Silver

Pronunciation: Hay
Numerical value: 5
Primary meaning: Window
Secondary meanings: Revelation, broken, to behold
Essence: Speech
Spatial continuum: Aries, the ram
Time continuum: The month of Nissan
Soul continuum: Right foot
Sephirot: Pathway between Crown (Keter) and Wisdom (Chochmah)
Verse from Torah: The spirit of God hovered over the surface of the water.
Grammatical usage: ’the’ as a prefix; feminine possessive as a suffix.
Form: a Dalet and a Yud.
Sefer Yetzira (Book of Creation)

The numerical value of Hay is 5, representing the five parts of the soul and the 5 parts of the mouth used to speak. The time continuum of Hay is the month of Nissan which is the month of Pesach. Pesach can be divided into two words: Peh and Sach, meaning the mouth speaks. The festival emphasizes the telling of our redemption from Egyptian slavery. This is the freedom of speech that is signified by the letter Hay. Rebbe Nachman of Breslev taught that the letter Hay engraved on silver is an amulet (segulah) to be fruitful and multiply. Also, the letter Hay is often worn by pregnant women to aid in childbirth.

Hei necklace is available in Silver or Silver Bronze.

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