Moderno Dining Table 84L

Moderno Dining Table 84L


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Moderno Dining Table | Taracea Collection

Taracea Tradition | Following the Mexican Civil War in the mid-1800's began an immense movement to convert forestry lands into farming. The remnants of the forestry is now used in the Taracea constructions. Stumps long buried take on an abstract beauty through years of burrowing insects and the petrification of the wood. Due to the reclaiming of these woods, it is not clear as to what species the styles are created. Each piece will be unique in tone, texture, and color. A true work of art. Many of the Taracea styles may be custom designed by size.

Moderno Dining Table is shown in standard finish
Dimensions | 84L 42W 30H
Frame | Base constructed of Myan ebony

Please note: As this is a natural, reclaimed material, dimensions will be approximate and not exact.
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